Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get in those Jeans #1

Plus size Ma yeah it took a minute to get this title and its gonna be even longer to take it of, So I no longer see the person I was 3 years ago. That was it for me I was like hell fuck no! I looked at a picture and was like who the fuck is this? I dont no her at the bigest I have ever been my whole 34 years of life. I was on the right track before sitting down to Youtube videos. Is it Youtube between watching videos, doing makeup and the kids I forgot to yoga booty!
I will hit 35 next month I hope, But what I really hope to be 60 pounds or more less before my next one! Before I met my sweetie I was around a size 12. I would like to see myself in a 9/10. I love my ANT's. I can loose the pounds but if I loose to much bootie he will kill me! Update On the Nivea it is working for me but to be up and down with weight I dont have that many problem areas. But its melting some of this freaking belly fat! LOL
I am thinking about eating less meat tell me what you think and some of your eating plans.