Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Body Magic

No I could get on here and do the putting it on and tugging but that's not going to show nothing but how hard it is to getting this thing on! Lot of women get this products and think oh there going to lose weight when in Fact its Promise to you is to loose 3 sizes in 10 minutes.Which is temporary, This is one of those products that is well worth it in dollar since but not the miracle ladies look for in a undergarment.

In fact it is not comfortable but it does hold you in smooth your curves define your butt. But its uncomfortable and You have to free yourself to use the restroom. If you are like me Your liable to Pee your Pants, grown women peeing her pants is a No Go!.
But if you use this product with a good diet as well as workout daily you will see weight lost that way and that way only in the mean time this is a product to make you feel great in clothing.

My advice to you is if you have trouble with your sides and tummy get the top piece or the lower piece That covers your thigh's and high waist That way your free to use the bathroom. If I had to rate this product it would be a 8 and this is based of the one I have only! A 8 because The boning can get annoying,to many Fastener's in the private area meaning not easy to use rest room, the price should be in the 69-80 dollar range in stead of well over the 100 dollar marker. I mean if you need this product you would like to have more than 1 right? At that price you better wash with Woolite and air dry do not put this product in the dryer!
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Friday, June 4, 2010

The way I feel

Dam it ladies here I am wondering am I cursed as som of you know I am a private persona all though I am a vlogger! But I had started my getting me back getting that person I once was back live and kicking, I started drinking more water, I also started getting more into a daily workout routine, also had got into eating better like watching my intake as well as going back to things I love such as baked meats and veggies I love veggies! LOL
But last week coming down sick just hurt me it set me back on the workout and being active tip! I am glad I am alright but at the same time I feel weak, sick tired my head hurts alot! Alot!
Its like taking that step to do whats right and all hell breaks loose