Friday, February 26, 2010

Hating on MY plus size body right now!

Okay Cuppies I am so hating on my Lady lumps right now because out of my whole body they are kinda getting smaller not in that gross pancake way but in that if your Fat ass would lose some dam weight we would look good way!

So I looked in the mirror last week and I was like who is she? Serious you know how makeup give us that UPPER Hand where we can look hotter than most. No this was that okay like your starting to look like somebody else! I am healthy in the no sugar, high blood pressure way. Maybe I should go back and get my Thyroids tested again.
I love myself in that don't give a fuck what another bitch think of me way. But I miss MY 140 pounds 5 years ago. I no I will never see 110 again nor do I care to just let me get off 40 and work through the rest.
Okay enough talk.